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SPF is a skin saviour and is the single most effective addition to preserving our skin. Wearing SPF every day is in your skin’s best interest.

Enhance Your Daily Makeup Routine with the highest lightweight protection possible.

We focus on clean, vegan products, made in Korea, designed in Switzerland, that can be easily integrated into morning rituals and protect you and your skin from the harmful UV-rays. Your makeup is now also part of your skincare.


recommended by dermatologists




“RoseKin was born, based on a passion to protect people from harmful UV-rays, with Makeup. We believe we can do so much more with Makeup than only get a flawless look.”

Jessica Gross

RoseKin Cosmetics works on your skin – for your skin! Made in Korea - Designed in Switzerland.

Ultralight Makeup

We believe makeup should feel comfortable and light on the skin. Is there anyone who likes a sticky face? At RoseKin, we have only chosen to accept product development with the best comfort as well as the best performance. Our products are tested and developed until all our requirements have been met.

High Sun Protection

Up to 90% of premature skin aging (such as wrinkles and loss of elasticity) is caused by daily UV-rays. This does not have to be. Our goal is to protect you and your skin to the maximum. We use only high levels of sun protection in our products, to keep you looking youthful. Only the best is good enough for your skin.

Active Antioxidants

Natural vitamins and minerals are typically found in skincare. We asked ourselves: "Why aren't these hero ingredients found in makeup?" After all, you wear it all day long! To support your skin in the best possible way, our products are enriched with high levels of antioxidants. Your makeup is now also your skincare.

Our Products


Daily Protection Hydrating Day Cream SPF 30

Hydrating Lightweight Protection

Super Lightweight · Hydrating · No Silicones · Non Oily · Antioxidants · Non-Nano Physical and Clean modern Chemical UV-Filters · Alcohol Free

A 2-in-1 daily dose of Niacinamide+ SPF 30 cream that helps to improve your skin elasticity, prevents free radical damage and reduces fine lines.

It’s also full of clean ingredients like Adenosine and Rosemary Leaf Oil to help nourish and shield your skin from other aggressors and can reignite your radiance and rejuvenate your complexion.

100% Vegan

With Antioxidants 

     Clean Formula

   Suitable for all 4 seasons

Daily Protection Mineral Loose Powder SPF50+

Mattifying On-the-Go Protection & Correction

Lightweight · Mattifying · Buildable Coverage · Natural Finish · Antioxidants · Physical UV-Filters · Reef safe

Our mattifying multipurpose mineral loose powder helps you achieve an even skin tone and flawless natural complexion. This powder is infused with natural minerals and is equipped with the Sun Protection Factor of 50+ UVA/UVB.

  90% Natural Ingredients and 100% Vegan

 Physical Sun Filters

With Antioxidants 

     Clean Formula

   Suitable for all 4 seasons

Daily Protection Liquid Foundation SPF50+

This amazing multipurpose Liquid Foundation not only helps you to achieve an even complexion, but also assists to prevent sun damage on a daily basis

  100% Vegan 

   Clean Formula

With Antioxidants

   Suitable for all 4 seasons

Our products are ONLY as Good as our Customer's Feedback

Simply amazing! As a mom of two little boys, I do not have much time in the morning to get ready but with the Rosekin Foundation I am ready, groomed and protected in one step. Total recommendation! Anna

I got pretty sensitive skin. That’s the reason, why I normaly don’t use Make up. I saw rosekincosmetics on Instagram and follwed it a while. In the end I decided to give it a try. And I am super happy!!! My skin is getting better after each use. No red spots afterwards or irritated skin like I had after using other Make ups or foundations. What I really like is, that I don’t have the feeling that I wear make up. It’s just so comfortable to use and “wear”.  Maja

I was so long looking for some foundation that could help treat my skin and also protect me! I have acne problems and normally the foundations makes this worse!!! I am absolutely in love with the rosekin foundation, the texture, the coverage, the ingredients EVERYTHING is just amazing for me!! The skin just feels amazing!! Totally recommend Ada

Recommended by Dermatologists

We have partnered with Dermatologists and Skin Experts to provide you with RoseKin solutions that are beneficial for the skin.
Find where your closest Skin Expert is located.

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