I am a skin expert and would like to know more about your products and sell it in my praxis

  • We would love to connect with you. Please send us an email to info@rosekincosmetics.com and we will be in contact with you immediately.

Where can I buy the products:

  • Please find the Skin Expert Locator on our website; there you can search for a skin expert nearby.

Can I buy your products online?

  • Yes. You can either buy it in our RoseKin online shop or some of our skin experts may sell the products on their own online shop. Please find the Skin Expert Locator on our website.https://rosekincosmetics.com/shop/

Can I test your products first?

  • Yes. You can either ask your skin expert for a sample or send us a message. We are happy to help.

How can I know which shade is the right one for me?

  • This is not difficult. We only have a few shades available as the products itself adjust to your skin tone. If you aren’t sure, please contact us or try our samples.

Are the products from RoseKin Vegan and cruelty free?

  • YES! We love animals and would never test on them. RoseKin is a Vegan brand and will always be.

Are your products clean?

  • We only provide safe and clean cosmetics. We try to be as natural as possible and of course free from any nastiness.

Where do you produce?

  • We produce in Asia. This has a very important reason. Asia is much further with the knowledge about Makeup with high SPF levels. They use SPF for many years already and can produce great products with high SPF and most important without compromising the performance. All the tests and ingredients are EU approved of course.

Makeup for dry skin

Makeup for oily skin

  • The great thing about our products is, that we added skincare benefits. So not only do the products help you to achieve an even skin tone, they also improve your skin itself. Especially the Mineral Loose Powder is great when you have oily skin.

Makeup for normal skin

  • All our products love normal skin.
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